Two Lessons I Learnt While Completing My Undergrad Degree

As I ready myself to embark on the journey to become a master of education, it’s time to reflect on what soft skills I learnt during my B.Ed. that will help me complete my M.Ed.

I quickly discovered that the two big lessons I learnt are based on attitude. Yes, it always helps to have a winning attitude, but my approach to all courses and assignments were based on competing against myself, and not others, to become better.

Know the rules of the game and the criteria for winning. My approach is to have fun doing whatever I’m doing and approach life as a game. Learning the rules, such as what courses to take, deadlines, and course requirements, is the first step. On a micro level, I looked at the requirements for written assignments and then attempted to infuse extra information that provides added depth without going beyond the limitation of the assignment. This illustrates both depth of knowledge and breadth of knowledge in addition to interest in the course content. Once I know the rules, I can figure out what is needed to pass, or win the game.

Go above and beyond and take responsibility.  I never just want to pass; I want to be the best. What can I do to be the best I can be? How can infuse that attitude into my assignments? How can I take what I’ve learnt in life, and other courses and include these gems into my written work? I consistently ask myself these types of questions, which helps me become better and more knowledgeable about my topic. In the end, I can confidently say that I take responsibility for how much I learn, how much I write, and my competence in my field. By pushing myself to become better, I attempt to go above and beyond the requirements.

These two lessons may seem to be similar, and they do go hand-in-hand with each other, but they are also stand-alone. How can I be my best if I don’t know the rules? I cannot take responsibility for my learning if I don’t know the rules of the game.  I’m sure that my attitude, and the two lessons I learnt will serve me well on my M.Ed. journey

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