Service in the promotion and tenure process

In theory professors allocated 40% of their time to teaching, 40% to research, and 20% to service. Understanding the value universities place on each of these for promotion and tenure may be a bit of a mystery.

In an open access research study Luchs, Seymoure, and Smith (2012) examine how service is used in the promotion and tenure process. Interestingly, the results indicate, “The importance of service is dependent on the P&T [promotion and tenure] decision in question” (p. 2).

A survey was emailed to general business faculty members from a database, which indicates that the results are not indicative of the responses or practices from all faculties; however, it does provide some insights into the importance of service, in addition to gaining a clearer understanding of how teaching and researching practice affect promotion and tenure.

Luchs, C., Seymoure, S., & Smith, W. (2012). How important is service in the promotion and tenure process? Research in Higher Education Journal, 15. Retrieved from

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