Creating an effective Handout for Class Presentations

It’s the end of the semester, which is a perfect time to reflect on how to improve courses for the next time they are run. In Ontario Tech’s Assessment for Adult Learning in a Digital Context, I ask learners to teach others how to do a certain type of assessment. These peer skill exchanges are conducted in small groups to give learners an opportunity to practice their teaching skills without the pressure of teaching to the entire class.

Part of the requirement is to create a handout so the learners have a resource to refer to when they implement that type of assessment. I found that some students were creating handouts that were a synopsis of their presentation, which isn’t an effective use of a handout. For teaching skills, handouts should be a useful takeaway that attendees can later refer to to help them recall how to implement the assessment.

I’ve created a short handout they can use to guide them through creating their own handouts. I’ve given it at Creative Commons licence, so feel free to download it and adapt it for your own use.

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