It’s a Trilogy

The word count continues to grow, and the unauthorized biography of KISS’s former drummer, Eric Carr is turning into a monster! The 13 chapters contain roughly 195,000 words. A “normal” size non-fiction books is about 60,000 words. The book has yet to be properly edited, so I expect a couple of thousand words may disappear, but I have more info to add. And that is the crux of the problem.

How much information is too much?

Originally, I envisioned the “normal” chronological examination of Eric’s life, but that fails to tell the entire story. His use of drums, struggle for recognition, and medical details surrounding his death are important aspects of his life that must be included. KISS fans absolutely love the minutia. The details that, for non-KISS fans are boring and not relevant, are fascinating for KISS fans. Nonetheless, the book is written for fans who want to dive deeply into the social and musical environment he lived in. The 1980s will forever be remembered for the rise and fall of hair metal, a subgenre of heavy metal, and this lengthy biography attempts to give readers a “fly on the wall” exploration of Eric’s interactions and contributions to the scene.

I dislike biographies that leave out the cultural touchstones. The subjects of the books did not live in a vacuum, shielded from events. The subject of biographies are effected by their culture and events that surround them. It would be like writing about the Beatles and not mentioning the Vietnam War. And it is these important events that I continue adding to all chapters.

In addition to the background info, several chapters are still too rough and need additional info added.

The new plan is to release the book as a trilogy. The first book covers 1950 to the first half of 1982, which was when The Elder cycle ended and the Creatures of the Nights cycle began. Currently these five chapters are just over 76,000 words, The second book begins in mid-1982 as KISS begins working with producer Michael James Jackson and ends with KISS filming the long-form video eXposed in the summer of 1986. These four chapters are just over 60,000 words. The final book begins with the Crazy Nights cycle in 1987 and ends with Eric’s death in 1991, with a small chapter on his legacy. The word count for the final instalment is almost 58,000 words.

So, onwards I will write, until Eric Carr’s story is told in full, in detail, and with minimal, but declared, bias


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