My PhD Journey has Come to an End

Wow, I can’t believe my PhD journey has come to an end. It took much longer than I originally anticipate to complete. Eight years. In many ways it feels like yesterday I am not the same person as I was when I started. I have grown and changed, as an educator, researcher, and writer.

In some ways I was dreading the end because I don’t have full-time teaching job lined up. But at least I have some time to relax and sit with my accomplishment.

I plan to take several weeks off and just concentrate on the one course I’m facilitating this summer and then I’ll start reviewing the assignments, syllabus, notes, and video list for the two courses I usually facilitate in the fall.

I’m looking forward to the next month or so when I can feel the burden of dissertation lift from my shoulders. But of course I always have a project or two on the go, so I’ll like spend most of the times reflecting on my PhD journey, walking the dogs, and working on my book.

Sounds perfect!

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