About the Books

Eric Carr Revealed is a meticulously researched unofficial forthcoming trilogy about KISS’s former drummer. The first book detail Eric’s life growing up in Brooklyn, his 15 years struggle playing clubs, touring the world with KISS during the Unmasked tour, and KISS’s unconventional The Elder. The second book follow Eric’s as he creates thunderous drums on Creatures of the Night, removing the iconic KISS make, to filming the KISS eXposed long-form video in 1986. In the final instalment, we watch as Eric tours with world to support the Crazy Nights album in 1987 to his untimely death in 1991 from heart cancer.

The first instalment of the trilogy will be available as on Amazon in 2023.  It contains 18 chapters divided into five section.

Section 1: From the Gutter to Glory

Chapter 1: Flasher

Chapter 2: Fate Intervenes

Chapter 3: Entering the World of KISS

Chapter 4: Creating the Mystique of Eric Carr

Section 2: Around the World in 40 Shows

Chapter 5: Flying High in Europe

Chapter 6: Mayhem in the South Pacific

Chapter 7: The Tour Winds Down

Section 3: From Humble Beginnings

Chapter 8: Growing up in Brooklyn

Chapter 9: The Cellarmen

Chapter 10: Three Bands in Two Years

Section 4: Ten Years of Paying Dues

Chapter 11: Steady Gigs on the Club Circuit

Chapter 12: Escaping a Death Trap in Port Chester

Chapter 12: Moving tot he Disco Beat

Section 5: Under the Rose

Chapter 14: The Changing Landscape

Chapter 15: A Concept Emerges

Chapter 16: The New Look

Chapter 17: Where Did All the Fans Go?

Chapter 18: Drastic Changes