Book 1- Section Three Supporting Evidence

Below is photographic evidence used to support some of the claims stated in the first Eric Carr Revealed book. Section three of the book covers the years from 1950 to 1970. Images may be subject to copyright. The author does not hold the copyright for any photographs or images on this web page.

Section 3: From Humble Beginnings

Chapter 8: Growing up in Brooklyn

Paul maintained high enough grades that he skipped a grade in junior high school.

Skipped a grade

Paul Caravello skipped a grade in junior high school







Photographic evidence shows the Allures practicing in the cellar at Belmont Avenue. Note the cinder block walls, indicating the room was a cellar and not a basement.

The Allures practicing in the cellar








Furthermore, the height of the window behind Paul further reveals evidence the room is a cellar.

Paul practicing with The Allures in the cellar










The four members of The Allures pose for a photo on the front steps of Paul’s Belmont Avenue house









Chapter 9: The Cellarmen

In early May, Paul thought about augmenting his high school animation courses with distance education, going as far as filling out a questionnaire

1967 cartooning

Paul’s handwritten application to a distance education art course. May 2, 1967









Chapter 10: Three Bands in Two Years

Paul Caravello scored an impressive 96% on his mid-term algebra exam (below in blue)

Top: Receipt from February 1, 1969 for two courses at the City University of New York for evening courses. Below: Paul scored 96% on a geometry exam at City University of New York on October 25, 1967











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